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About Us

Each year, the board of directors of Endow-Bio, with the input of our advisory council, selects a group of organizations and then raises money to help these selected organizations further particular projects.  We raise money all year, using 70% of every member's donation to build our Program funds, and this pool of money is divided among these chosen organizations at the end of each year.

What makes Endow-Bio unique is that it is our members who decide what percentage of our total Program funds on December 31 that each of these organizations will receive.  The essential right of membership is this right to vote, allocating a total of 100 percentage points to the various organizations on our ballot.  Membership is by calendar year.  The ballot of chosen organizations changes every year.  We expect to further the good works of hundreds of organizations this way, over time.  We support only tax-deductible charities and government agencies operating in the United States.

Each year that you make a donation to Endow-Bio of $1.00 or more, you will be registered with a unique annual membership number to assure that you can vote.  As an economy, we will generally communicate with you by email, so we must have your email address.  All of your information will remain completely confidential.  Once you have made your donation, you may vote any time you like before the end of December using our on-line ballot.  If you wish to change how you voted, just vote again -- we consider your last vote cast to be your actual vote.  In keeping with our democratic ideal, please vote once a year, even if you are moved to make more than one gift to Endow-Bio in that year.

Endow-Bio is the First National Endowment for Biodiversity.  We use 15% of every member's donation to build this Endowment, which generates income to supplement our Program funds, and thereby provides more money for us to give away every year.  Remember, it's not just your gift that you are allocating to the select organizations on this year's ballot but, rather, your preference of where all of our Program funds should go at year's end.  It's your participation that gives you this power, not the size of your gift.  This is perfectly democratic -- every member has equal influence.  Together, we can shape the future.  We add up the votes and divide by the number of voters to determine what percentage of the Program funds goes to each organization.  We use the remaining 15% of every member's gift to actually run this all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) public charity.

In order to accomplish our goals, we need to gather information about other organizations working to alleviate the crisis of biodiversity, and we make this information available to any visitor on our website.  You can sort this information in several ways.  So, browse our links and consider supporting some of these other organizations as well, perhaps right where you live, or to benefit groups of particular interest to you, like native plants or whales or snakes or birds, or perhaps working in a particular way, such as through environmental education or on behalf of wilderness or family planning.  These links are organized by the 11 categories we currently advocate: land acquisition, habitat management, rare species management, environmental education, scientific research, advocacy, wilderness, wildlife rehabilitation, environmental law, family planning, and other social issues relevant to the conservation of biodiversity.  Initially, we have several hundred links posted, but as time goes by, we will accumulate more and more and thereby provide a greater service.  As a member, you are empowered to suggest organizations we might consider for future funding.