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The crisis in biodiversity

For many years, we've had in our culture the basic misconception that further economic growth is good, that perpetual growth of human population and economic development is both possible and good.  Well, here's news: The emperor has no clothes!  There are too many people already, far too many for the health of the planet and all its various species, and our anthropocentric exploitation of all the world's resources is excessive and morally reprehensible.  We've caused an extinction crisis over the entire planet and we, too, suffer from our own too much.  People can be wonderful, to be sure, but in aggregate we're now a plague upon all Creation, including ourselves.

We all behave in ways that destroy the very ecosystems upon which we depend for life itself.  We're all complicit, whether this is air and water pollution, loss of topsoil, homogenization of the world's fauna and flora, global warming, genetic engineering, over-consumption of resources like oil and coal and aquifers and fish stocks and forests and grasslands and clean fresh water, release of myriad novel chemicals into our environment, plastic waste filling the sea -- the list goes on and on.  As our human population increases our various impacts on nature worsen dramatically.  No, we cannot rise to our social potential while believing in perpetual growth.  Endow-Bio debunks this cherished myth with calm persistence as we market hope through various avenues for a better future for all living things.

This idea of restraining our base impulses to breed to the limit is unpopular.  Almost all conservation organizations avoid this issue as too controversial.  Human overpopulation is the elephant in the room that no one will mention, an elephant that grows larger every day.  Alas, real elephants and countless other fascinating and beautiful species are vanishing from the world as a result of our collective irresponsibility.  We must, of course, have many fewer people and a much smaller global economy.  Endow-Bio works toward these goals as we foster the diverse hopeful projects in which people in many charities and government agencies are engaged.  Though we support family planning organizations, Endow-Bio does not and never will pay for abortions; this prohibition is in our Articles of Incorporation and cannot be amended.  Through kindness and consideration and sacrifice, we can work together to make the world a safer, more just and equitable, more beautiful and fascinating place.  Among the many beneficiaries are our own descendants.