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Vote for 2021 Awards

Endow-Bio members decide the percentage of our total Program funds that each organization will receive.  The essential right of membership is this right to vote, allocating a total of 100 points to the various organizations on our ballot.  Membership is by calendar year and votes must be cast by the end of December.

Please enter your current membership number that will be matched against our list of current members.  If you are a member this year, you will be directed to the ballot where you can assign points to organizations of interest to you and your votes will be recorded.  You may vote any time you like before the end of December.  If you wish to change how you voted, just vote again — each is date-stamped and we consider your last vote to be your actual vote.  In keeping with our democratic ideal, please vote once a year, even if you are moved to make more than one gift to Endow-Bio in that year.

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