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Mission Statement

Our mission is to expose the full breadth of our environmental problems, to show there are good-hearted people working to solve these problems who would benefit from more support, and to provide a simple and inexpensive mechanism to provide such support.  We engage the public to join us in supporting other organizations' efforts relating to rare species management, scientific research, environmental education, environmental law, land acquisition, habitat management, advocacy, wilderness, wildlife rehabilitation, family planning and other social issues relating to conservation of biodiversity.

Perhaps the worst moral failing of humanity is our behaving in ways that destroy natural systems, that destroy the very ecosystems upon which we depend for life itself.  We are all complicit, whether through water pollution, loss of topsoil, homogenization of the world's fauna and flora, global warming, genetic engineering, over-consumption of natural resources like oil and aquifers and fish stocks, release of myriad novel chemicals into our environment, plastic waste filling the sea -- the list goes on and on.  As our human population increases our various impacts on nature worsen dramatically.  But the worst and most symbolic problem is the extinction of species that we are causing, the crisis in biodiversity.

Many individuals, organizations and governments are working to alleviate our many problems, yet only 2% of charitable donations in the U. S. support conservation.  We think this number should be much higher.  The mission of Endow-Bio is to publicize these hopeful ventures and to elicit participation by the public in working toward resolution of these problems.

Endow-Bio, Inc. is a unique, all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) public charity that operates only within the United States.  We raise money and give it away in an annual cycle, raising money for many different agencies over time, and our members get to vote on where this money goes.  We practice grassroots philanthropy: anyone can participate fully in our work with a donation of as little as $1.00.