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Endow-Bio Services

ONE   Each year, we raise money for a different, chosen few organizations, various non-profits and government agencies that are working to solve our crisis of biodiversity.  We raise money and give it away on an annual cycle and our membership determines the percentage of our Program funds at year's end that goes to any of these chosen agencies.  Each year, we begin anew. 

TWO   To accomplish this, we are building a directory of such organizations.  We provide free access to this ever-expanding directory on our website, so that any visitor can quickly link to these other organizations' websites to learn more about what they do.  We encourage you to support these other organizations with your donations and your volunteer energies.

THREE   We allocate 15% of every member's gift to our endowment, building an ever-growing revenue stream to support this annual giving, and so we are the First National Endowment for Biodiversity.

We want this directory to be huge, and to include large and small organizations all over the U. S. working in one or more of our eleven categories of activity, including conservation through land acquisition, habitat management, rare species management and reintroduction, environmental education, scientific research, wilderness, wildlife rehabilitation, environmental law, advocacy, related social issues, and family planning, as the burgeoning human population is central to the crisis in biodiversity.

Please use this on-line directory to learn about other organizations.  You can click on any organization's name and immediately be taken to their website where you can learn about what they do.  We urge you to support whatever of these organizations interest you most, totally independent of whatever support you may choose to donate to Endow-Bio itself.  Our main goal is to publicize this crisis and to celebrate the many hopeful efforts to counter this crisis by private, charitable organizations as well as by particular government agencies. 

Governments routinely underfund conservation.  The National Park Service and U. S. Fish & Wildlfe Service have never yet been adequately funded.  Only 2% of charitable giving in the our country supports conservation.  Given the rate at which we are destroying the natural world, we think this number should be much higher and are trying to do something about that!

Please make a small personal sacrifice to support our fledgling, all-volunteer non-profit.  You can participate fully in what we do with a gift of as little as $1.00.  Endow-Bio practices grassroots philanthropy.

Let your small gift be a pebble tossed into quiet water -- through our endowment, the ripples your action sets in motion just keep on expanding!

Another, very important way you can help us is to tell your friends about Endow-Bio.  We are an all-volunteer enterprise, starting from nothing -- we are brand new -- and so we depend upon your word-of-mouth marketing.  Tell people of the basic problems, and then also tell them there are people working together, all over the U. S., to solve these problems.  Thank you very much!